Build a Strong and Lasting Partnership

Love happens when certain conditions of emotional safety are met

Premarital counseling is an essential component to getting your marriage off to a positive start. It stimulates meaningful dialogue between partners and it teaches communication and conflict resolution skills you can use to resolve current and future issues. Couples also learn the value of proactively working on their relationship and how they can maintain a healthy relationship over time.

Premarital Counseling will also help you:

Identify relationship strengths and growth areas
Explore personality traits
Strengthen communication skills
Resolve conflicts and reduce stress
Teach ways to use differences as relationship strengths
Compare family backgrounds
Comfortably discuss financial issues
Establish personal and couple goals
Understand relationship dynamics
Manage stress related to wedding preparation
Premarital Counseling Package includes:

A 75-minute intake session to review the couple’s relationship history and premarital counseling goals

The PREPARE Premarital Assessment taken online by each partner to help identify relationship strengths and potential areas of growth

Three additional 75-minute sessions to understand the assessment results and learn important relationship skills

Additional sessions may be added if you would like to address a particular need or interest in more depth.

Premarital Counseling has been shown to reduce the chance of divorce by 30 percent.
(Stanley, 2001)