Video Therapy Sessions & Telehealth

Help is available at your time and place.

Providing the same treatment as in person therapy sessions. Telehealth Video Therapy Sessions are HIPAA compliant, the simple & secure teletherapy solution.

It’s Convenient.

Communicate as often as you want and whenever you feel it’s needed. Start your video sessions today, no download required and all services are conducted via a HIPAA compliant platform.

Often clients report barriers, concerns, or hesitations when considering using tele-health as a therapy office.

Reasons tele-health may be a good fit for you:

  • Transportation

    including access, costs for transit, vehicle dependability

  • Convenience

    available when you are available—even during lunch hour

  • Caregiver Responsibilities

    including childcare, partner care, and eldercare

  • Accessibility

    including physical limitations, mental health limitations

  • Work/Life Balance

    asking for time off work can be a challenge

  • Application

    application of treatment interventions that benefit the client to be at home

  • Privacy

    no waiting room encounters

  • Safety

    ideal for victims of intimate partner violence or other safety concerns

When tele-health is not appropriate

Despite the benefits of utilizing tele-health, there are certain situations when tele-health may not be appropriate, these include:

  • Complex mental health diagnoses; i.e., visual and/or auditory hallucinations, active substance use, recent suicidal or homicidal thoughts
  • Those 17 years old or younger
  • Those with poor Internet connection

Why tele-health?

Shifting the therapy office to a clients space makes therapy portable, accessible, confidential, and comfortable. In turn, clients often report feeling more at ease, less stressed, and more apt to open up and, in turn, therapy is more effective. The benefits far outweigh any concerns for most clients, as accessibility to care drastically increases and cancellations drastically decrease. Therapy is delivered in the comfort of your home – when and where you need it.

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